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Weathering - A new dimension

You might ask what has been happening since my last update and rightly so. It has been a while. In the interim the N Gauge Guild has hosted a very successful model train exhibition celebrating it’s 20 years in existence. This kept me and the the rest of the committee very busy from February until October this year (2014)

Now I’m back and ready to tackle something new. For years I have resisted the urge to weather (or detail) my loco’s and rolling stock as I preferred to keep them looking all shiny and new. Then it struck me. We spend so much time making our – ok my – diorama or layout looking real, but forget that wagons are subject to wear and tear, locomotives get dirty and something just doesn’t look right when the train looks all pristine.

One model in particular stands out. Kato’s EMD SD45’s in their shiny “new” Kodachrome Santa Fe livery looks spectacular but when you get it out of its carry case, it looks just a little disappointing. Not that there is anything wrong with it, it just looks plastic – like a toy. This prompted me to rethink my previous stance on weathering and if I wasn’t making a big mistake.

Enter one Grant Dixon. 

Grant does his bit at The Model Train Shop and can be found tinkering with loco’s and fitting decoders, mostly over weekends. Grant is quite the master at making items look real and has recently converted some h0 scale landrovers to look like those used by the SANDF prior to 1994.

By now you must be getting impatient, all this talk and no pictures of any of the said SD45’s – well wait no longer.

Let me know which of the two you prefer. I know I’m about to start weathering (detailing) all my loco’s and rolling stock…


Dragging the slider from left to right will give you an idea of what the effect is.