A Healing in Progress

The journey of an old soul...


The Runic Cauldron is a site full of surprises.  Its a place to come to when you’re feeling out of sorts and need some cheer or just a place to hangout and relax.  It was originally intended as a blog page where I could document my journey through life and to see if I could find the answers to questions I kept asking myself. 

Since then Its become a little more than just a blog. It has evolved to a place where you can have a photograph “read” or a place to ask the Runes for guidance and clarity on a question thats been bothering you.  In time it’ll also be a place to come for some healing remedies gleaned from various places I’ve visited during my quest. 

Most of these remedies can be found on the internet and use herbs or ingredients found in the average home but to make it easier, I’ve listed the ones I’ve used and found to offer relief from aches and pains we “collect” as we get older and hopefully wiser.   

“Please note that none of these remedies are intended to replace modern medical practice, I’d strongly urge you to see your doctor should you have any  aliment or medical condition requring treatment.”