Piscatorials Brewing Club

Piscatorials Brewing Club its wort the effort...

Hey Bruh, its a Brew Club...

Ok so it’s never going to challenge any of the bigger breweries but why not have some fun while learing about making beer and getting to make a few good friends in the process. 

It is East Rand based, we’re still looking for a suitable venue but almost any place allowing us to bring and sample our own efforts would be perfect.

Members will brew their own at home and bring it with to a club meeting where tasting and judging will take place.  It could also be a team effort where two or three “brewmasters” attempt to take on the rest. 

Where time and space allows, the club will knock up a batch of the finest and at the next meet, keg it or bottle it, with some stock laid up for an end-of-year party.


Becoming a member is as easy as completing the form and making sure you can attend at least 3 consecutive club meetings.