The Modeltrain Nut

Home Layout

After a break of 30 years, it was interesting to see just how N scale had evolved. The change in motive power was astonishing. From the “pancake” type motors in the Lima models and the motors in the old Atlas loco’s, to the latest versions in the Kato’s, Athearns and even the Bachmann’s of today is jaw dropping. The old stuff was capable of hesitant slow speeds when you used a power supply and controller like our old Hammant and Morgan Duette but the new Loco’s positively crawl along and I’m not even talking about the Digital stuff yet either!

Before I get too carried away about all the new stuff, I also bought a Bachmann train-set with a Class 31 loco and some goods wagons at about the same time as I bought the Woodlands Scenics track pack. I could now compare the older loco’s to a modern one!

Things weren’t all rosy however as the Graham Farish loco – a Bachmann – seemed to develop a problem after only two circuits of my 8×4’ layout. I subsequently found out that some of these loco’s are prone to having their gears split as they’re made of plastic and this is exactly what had happened to my brand new loco.

In February 2008 my sons and I started on our home layout.

I’d had a look at the track salvaged from the first layout my brothers and I had created and it was soon apparent we’d not have enough to make a simple oval. As a quick fix we’d soon regret, I bought a Woodlands Scenic package with set track in it for the Scenic Ridge layout but did not buy the Scenic Ridge pack itself.

Planning and Fiddling

The boys and I had downloaded the Atlas RTS software package and we’d designed what we thought would be a positively brilliant layout. Sadly again no track plan of this exists and there are not many photos which show the concept. Had there been more space to open it up it would have been a great success.