The Modeltrain Nut

More Weathering (detailing actually)

So last weekend I was down at my favourite hobby store, The Model Train Shop, in Randpark Ridge and one thing led to another. Grant, the resident detailing guru and I got to chatting over a boerewors roll (spicy South African sausage on a hot dog roll) and soon we were looking at my Kodachrome SP45’s. One was still in pristine condition inside its protective Kato plastic case.

Not for long though. Looking at them in a consist made us both realise the undecorated one needed just a little tweaking. Yes, modelrailroaders never twerk, we tweak – but I digress.

Grant convinced me that the second loco had to have a different “look”to it and planned the assault on the said pristine paintwork by stuffing the last boerrie roll into his mouth. Rinke, the Model Train Shop proprietor, had by now complained of toothache and wandered off to transcend dental medication. I think he just didn’t want to see what was about to happen.

Relax folks, the situation was perfectly under control. While I savoured a favourite beverage, Grant worked his usual magic with dry-brushing, air-brushing and the occasional burst from an aerosol can and the result was nothing short of remarkable. Have a look at the results for yourself.

If you look carefully at the image below, you’ll see that the loco on the right has been detailed to look like its been splashed and is always the loco at the rear of the consist.