The Modeltrain Nut


I really enjoy my Model Trains and here are some places on the Web that I find particularly interesting.

I prefer N Scale, the N is for “Nine” and the rails are 9mm apart. In real terms its a 1:148 scale if you model according to the UK standards or 1:160 if you adhere to the NMRA which is American. Basically this means the rolling stock, locomotives, people, buildings and scenery is more than 100 times the size of my trains and no, I don’t play with my trains – I operate them!

The Model Train Shop

The owner, Rinke Blok,  has taught me more than a few things about modeling in N scale. His scratch-built aircraft carrier is a masterpiece and his WWII bomb crater with gauntlet is superb. Always friendly and ready to offer advice over a cup of coffee in the shop.  (Click here for his website.)


A new shop in Lakeside, Benoni.  Rene Bosch has a wide selection of scenic materials, track and rolling stock in his shop.  (Click here for his website)

Hobbies and Models

Richard, Thelma and Ingrid own a small shop catering for the model railway enthusiast. Richard  helped me get my uneven track on my home layout sorted with some sage advice.  (Click here for their website.)

Model Train Exchange

The guys from MTE have a very interesting shop.  (Click here for the MTE website.)

Cape Gauge Club

I’ve just joined this model railroading club!  The Cape Gauge Club is a Free-mo modular model train club dedicated to modeling South African Railways in 12mm HOn3.5 scale.  It’s all in the detail for this group of model railway fanatics.  

N Gauge Guild of South Africa

This is the model railway club I once was a member of.  It took me 31 years to realize my dream of being a part of an exhibition and I did it with the N Gauge Guild.

My first exhibition was at the Piston Ring club in Edenvale and the family and I built a module of a desert scene which later evolved into two modules featuring Petra in Jordan.

The Nabateans would have been most aggrieved to see big Diesel freight trains and long coal trains hauled by Big Boy’s and Challengers passing by their Khazneh after narrowly missing the Siq.

Gauteng N Group

A new model railway club in Gauteng, this outfit as all about having fun in N Scale on a Fremo type track.  Once we get going, I’ll publish links to their website!