Home Layout Mk III

As every model railroader knows, a home layout is either never finished, our could be built better.   Layout Mk I gave way to Mk II which then was demolished totally in preperation for Mk III.   What had evolved from a square table top layout requiring considerable space around it and almost no room for operations would ultimately be known as Mk III – Going to the Dark Side

Going to the Dark Side

So being an avid American Outline modeller and delighting in the varied liveries and road names, I never really focussed on any particular era.  If it looked good, I “owned” it.  

I’d happily run ATSF with BN, BNSF, SP, UP, WC, D&RG and INRD, mixing steam with diesel traffic.  

All previous layouts had catered for the big American diesels and the huge 4-6-6-6 Challenger steam engines.  

The minimum radius for a challenger locomotive takes up a fair amount of space and so my curiosity regarding smaller wagons and locos, tighter curves and layout possibilities took over.   This meant looking at some of the early European railways and my journey into the Dark Side began.

Projekt Black Track Diagram.

Introducing Projekt Black...

The idea with Projekt Black is to have a layout capable of running trains on a continuous run or operations on a looped track or even point-to-point with some shunting. 

Because its DCC, powered by a Z21, all three modes are possible.  

The images to the right will give you some idea as the layout is planned to stretch 3.2m down one wall, then 4.68m but past a window and then another 1.6m down a 3rd wall.

I thought the two “ends” would be the widest at around 600 to 900mm while the part past the window could be 300 or 400 wide so we can still open and close windows and curtains if needed