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Gauteng N Group

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About us

In 2016, a group of model train enthusiasts got together to discuss forming a new Model Train club.  Having been a part of an earlier and still existing club, the fascination of building a new layout based on the Bend-Track specification appealed to everyone as it was something different to their previous club who used the N-Trak spec.

It took several meetings to thrash out a constitution, agree to the module specifications and sample some of natures finest amber nectar.  Some 4 years down the line, the club is finally ready to build some modules in preparation for The Great Model Train Expo 2020.  

We will also be opening our doors to prospective new members and will be publishing the constitution and the Module Specifications on this site within the next few weeks.  

We welcome your enquiries and questions, our Contact Us page will soon be fully functional and if our IT boffins get going, we might soon have a chat section up and running too! 

Watch this space for further details!